Program Eligibility and Expectations

​​​HSCOE (formerly HCOE) Faculty Scholars will be encouraged to participate in faculty development programs as well as engage in workshops to improve skill development and the understanding of UC San Diego Health Sciences culture and environment. HSCOE Faculty Scholars will participate in the HS Faculty Mentor Training Program (FMTP) to enhance their skills as mentors as well as mentees. They will use these skills to work effectively with a senior and near peer faculty mentors and mentees including underrepresented (UR) students, fellows/residents and postdocs. In addition, HSCOE Faculty Scholars will work with members of the HSCOE Faculty Advisory Committee to develop core projects related to:

  1. Engagement, Leadership, Community
  2. Teaching and Mentoring
  3. Program Development and Research

HSCOE Scholars will also attend quarterly meetings and other special events aimed at building a community of diverse HSCOE Faculty Scholars.

Goals for the Faculty Scholar include:

  • Career development
  • Leadership training
  • Mentoring up and down
  • Enhanced research network
  • Grant writing skills
  • Funding
  • Enhanced access and connection to students and trainees
  • Community of scholars


Program Expectations

​Attend at least 2 quarterly HSCOE meetings per year
​Attend at least 2 OFA-sponsored events
*Recommended​ for all ranks:
*Recommended for junior faculty:
​Develop Career Development Plan (CDP) with primary mentor
​Develop a Core Area Project (CAP) in HSCOE Core Area
*This project should have an impact on the greater UC San Diego community beyond the individual career progression
​​Present major CDP and CAP outcomes to the HSCOE Faculty Scholars and Advisory Committee at the end of the year
​​Participate in program qualitative and quantitative evaluations

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