Welcome to UC San Diego Health Sciences!

Welcome to UC San Diego Health Sciences and congratulations on your pending appointment! The Academic Resource Center (ARC) will assist you with the new hire process. The videos embedded on this page will provide you with an introduction to UC San Diego and important information about working here. Please watch all of the videos and contact ARC if you have follow up questions (ARCrequest@ucsd.edu).

Chapter 1: Introduction to UC San Diego

How UC San Diego Health Sciences fits into the University of California system, its structure, and its mission.


Chapter 2: Parking and Single Sign On

Information about attaining a parking permit and setting up your Single Sign On access.


Chapter 3: Timekeeping and Payroll

Overview of how to report time worked and other payroll-related information.


Chapter 4: Postdoctoral Scholar  Benefits

How to enroll in benefits packages for Postdoctoral Scholars and information about available components and pricing.


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