UCSD must comply with federal regulations regarding the employment of international faculty and researchers (non-U.S. citizens and non-permanent residents). Each international faculty member or researcher must either have immigration status that permits employment at UCSD or have ​been granted permission to work by the Department of Homeland Security.

The UCSD International Faculty and Scholar Office handles most applications and information regarding visas and immigration matters.  However, J-1 or H-1B visa applications must be handled through the applicant's home department and the Academic Resource Center.

Immigration restrictions are subject to change depending on current legislation, regulations, and interpretations. Please contact the UCSD International Center for up-to-date information on visa and immigration matters whenever an international faculty member or researcher is being considered for employment. Faculty and researchers’ arrival and departure should also be reported to the International Center so that accurate records can be maintained.

The International Faculty and Scholar Office and the Academic Resource Center work together to process a variety of visas for incoming U.C. San Diego Health faculty and academics. Information about each of these different types of visas can be found in the content of the UCSD PPM, Section 200-16.