Representative Research Publications from Gonias Laboratory

  1. Mantuano, E, Brifault, C, Lam, M.S., Gilder, A.S., Azmoon, P., and Gonias, S.L.  LDL re­ceptor-related protein-1 regulates NFκB and microRNA-155 in macrophages to control the inflammatory response.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 111:1369-1374, 2016 (PMCID: PMC4747752).
  2. Brifault, C., Kwon, H-J, Campana, W.M., and Gonias, S.L.  LRP1 deficiency in microglia blocks neuro-inflammation in the spinal dorsal horn and neuropathic pain processing.  Glia  67:1210-1224, 2019 (PMCID: PMC6462253).
  3. Das, L., Banki, M.A., Azmoon, P. Pizzo, D., and Gonias, S.L.  Enzymatically-inactive tissue-type plasminogen activator reverses disease progression in the dextran sulfate sodium mouse model of inflammatory bowel disease.   Amer. J. Pathol. 191(4):590-601, 2021 (PMCID: PMC8101053)
  4. Mantuano, E., Azmoon, P., Banki, M.A., Sigurdson, C.J., Campana, W.M., and Gonias, S.L.  Membrane-anchored, soluble, and extracellular vesicle-associated PrPC attenuate innate immunity by an NMDA Receptor-dependent mechanism.  J. Immunology   208(1) 85-96, 2022 (PMCID: PMC8702456).

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