Dr. Mark Ginsberg

Dr. Mark Ginsberg

Dr. Mark H. Ginsberg is a professor of medicine and director of the Physician-Scientist Training Pathway at UC San Diego. He is the author of more than 300 original scientific publications, largely devoted to the study of cell adhesion mechanisms.

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About the Lab

Early studies from the Ginsberg laboratory established that the matrix protein fibronectin binds to specific cell surface receptors. These receptors are members of a widely distributed protein family, now termed integrins. This protein family is essential for the normal development and functioning of both vertebrates and invertebrates.

Research Highlights

Recent findings published in Cell Reports 
IL-2 can signal via chemokine receptors to promote regulatory T cells' suppressive function

Recent major grant renewal: research program project: 
Cellular Mechanisms of Inflammation, Hemostasis, and Thrombosis