The Center for Innovative Therapy at UC San Diego Health is located at Jacobs Medical Center (in Thornton Pavilion). Patients are seen in the Arthritis Center.

Upon entrance, ask the information desk to direct you to the Arthritis Center. For further directions, please call hospital information at 858-657-7000.

Patient examination rooms, an infusion center, laboratory services, radiology and other facilities are located on site. A cafeteria and gift shop are also available for your convenience. 

Other research facilities include the Biomarker Core of the Center for Innovative Therapy. This laboratory was established to facilitate the use of state-of-the-art molecular techniques in our clinical studies. Traditional experimental protocols have depended on evaluation of clinical endpoints to assess the efficacy of new treatments. By evaluating patient samples, such as blood or synovial tissue, we can now determine the effect of a new therapy on expression of genes at the site of disease. In addition to simplifying clinical trial design, it decreases the time required for assessment of efficacy and provides key information on the mechanism of drug action. These tools will be used to gain information on the best approach to take for large studies with standard clinical endpoints.