Journal Club

The goal of the course is primarily to provide a basic science education in areas related to rheumatology and allergy for our medical fellows. As a reminder, your 20-25 minute introduction should be a subject overview to bring everyone up to speed on your designated subject. This should provide both basic information and highlight how this is related to the field of rheumatology and/or allergy as applicable. This will be followed by two 15-20 minute journal club presentations given by fellows or grad/medical students on papers selected by you. The papers should be forwarded to us 4 weeks ahead of your scheduled presentation. These should be high quality, cutting edge publications from the previous 12 months and should be either clinical or basic science papers translationally relevant to rheumatic or allergic disease. Given that this is intended to be a comprehensive education, we ask that speakers do not overly focus on their own research in the overview and refrain from selecting publications from their own groups for review.

As usual the audience is composed of fellows, faculty, staff and visiting professionals. 

Your contact information will be given to the individuals presenting your selected papers and we encourage them to contact you in the couple of weeks before the presentation if they have questions about their designated paper. ​