Global Health Institute Steering Committee

The Global Health Institute (GHI) Steering Committee is comprised of campus leaders who help define the mission of the GHI and its directions. The GHI Steering Committee provides leadership, technical assistance and recommendations for program development in all areas of global health across campus and oversees working groups within research, curriculum development, faculty recruitment, student affairs, and fundraising related to global health.

Institute Director


Thomas Csordas

Institute Co-Directors

Joshua Graff Zivin


           Steffanie Strathdee

Steering Committee Members


Rommie Amaro

Ethan Bier

Todd Coleman

Ayelet Gneezy

Catherine Gere

Michelle Hermas

Janis Jenkins

Gordon McCord

Paul Jensen

Craig McIntosh

James Mckerrow

Robert Schooley

Amanda DatnowSarah Averbach
    Cheryl Anderson

Igor Grant